Cleaning Specifications and Standards Part 2

Here I continue to list cleaning standards. We use these as a guide to understanding our responsibilities in general cleaning. This is not meant to be a complete list, rather a broad overview. Enjoy your reading:

6. Mattresses: Clean, free of stains and lint; should be germicidal cleaned on both sides.

7. Bedside Tables: Tabletop shelves, inside door facings and hinges clean, free of dust and lint. Legs and wheels free of dust, dirt, lint, hair or other debris.

8. Overbed Tables: Clean, free of dust. Tabletop is free of stains, streaks, spots, dirt and liquid residue. The mirrors are clean, free of streaks and spots. Wheels free of dust, hair or other debris.

9. Closets: Clean and free of dust and lint. All drawers in bedside shelf units free of dust, dirt, and lint. All handles on drawers germicidal damp wiped.

10. Chairs: Germicidal damp wiped. Free of lint, dust, and spots. Legs free of mop splatters.

11. Television Sets: Clean, free of dust and lint on screen, top, and sides.

12. Blinds: Clean, free of lint, dust, and dirt on both sides of blind slats. Blind adjusters germicidal damp wiped daily.

13. Overbed Light & Cord: Completely free of dust, dirt, and lint. Light pull cord germicidal damp wiped daily.

14. Telephones: Clean, free of dust and lint; total receiver germicidal damp wiped daily. Cord is wiped daily, and free of dust and dirt accumulations.

15. A/C Units: Vents clean, free of dust and lint. Sill area germicidal damp wiped daily; corners free of soil accumulations.

16. Windows: Completely clean, free of any streaks, spots, adhesive, or lint. Windows free of smears or haziness.

17. Paper Towel Soap Dispensers: Free of dust, lint, spots, and streaks on top and sides. Supplies properly replenished so as not to cause waste.

18. Walls & Partitions: Clean, free of dust, dirt, and soil residue; no spots or stains left on walls. Free of finger marks around light switches. No dust on top of partitions. Spot clean daily.

19. Doors: Clean, free of spots, marks, and stains. Kick plates are clean and free of wax splatters or scuff marks. Top of door is free of dust and dirt. Door handle, push plate, or doorknob clean and germicidal damp wiped daily. Door frame and hinge areas clean of dust and dirt.

20. Floors: Clean completely free of dust, lint, and stains; no wax build-up or accumulation of dirt in corners or between edge of flooring and bottom of base coving. Completely free of all scuffs and heel marks. Free of spots, spills, and tracking. Free of discolored or old floor finish. Carpet is free of spots and vacuumed thoroughly.

21. Base Covings: Clean, free of dust, dirt, and soil residue. No mop water splatters; no soil accumulation in corners. No wax build-up on coving.

22. Cubicle Curtains: Clean and free of stains, spots, or any type of residue. Curtains should pull freely around bed and hanging properly.

23. Water Fountains: Stainless steel free of water spots and streaks. Lime residue removed from basin and mouthpiece daily, rinsed thoroughly. Handles germicidal cleaned and rinsed daily.

24. Desks: Clean, free of accumulated dust. No furniture polish build-up on desktops. Sides of desks and legs of desks wiped daily.

25. Bookcases: Clean, free of dust accumulation; no furniture polish build-up on bookcase tops. Sides of bookcases wiped down weekly.

The above stated quality standards are guidelines to give the employee a reference for understanding what level of cleanliness is expected. Employees will be held responsible only for those items that are within their specified areas of assignment or job responsibility.

For example, the technician will not be held responsible for yellowed or discolored floor finish or wax build-up in the room, but would be held responsible for any spots or spills on the floor, the types of things that are removable normal cleaning procedures.

During quality control room inspections, consideration will be made concerning things that the employee has the ability to clean or improve, and those things that can not be cleaned or improved by the technician will not be held against them. We do expect that you will submit a work order if the floor needs to be refinished or the carpet cleaned.

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