Cleaning Specifications and Standards Part 1

Environmental Services (ES) is important to any business because the visible cleaning results create the first impression of a visitor or customer. You’ve probably heard that “the first impression is a lasting one” and there is a great deal of truth in that. Our job is to make that first impression a good one.

In addition to visible cleaning results, impressions are formed by the appearance of you, personally. Some important points to creating a good impression are:

(a) Proper uniform, including name badge

(b) Good grooming and personal hygiene

(c) Neatness and cleanliness of supplies and equipment

(d) A cheerful and positive attitude

(e) As you are moving about the building, learn to “walk with a purpose.”

I have developed these quality standards to ensure that each employee knows the level of cleanliness that is expected for each item cleaned. These standards ensure that quality assurance can be attained in the Environmental Services Department in our effort to provide a clean, safe, and attractive environment.

These Quality standards define the acceptable levels of cleanliness of each item cleaned. If each Environmental Services employee cleans the items at the acceptable levels on a continuous basis, the employee will be performing satisfactory work according to department quality standards.

The following are acceptable quality standards for the areas or items listed.

1 Sinks: Clean inside, outside, and underneath, and free of streaks and stains. Plumbing fixtures on top and underneath free of dirt, spots, and streaks; base of plumbing fixtures free of lime build-up and green residue.

2. Mirrors: Clean, free of spots and streaks; mirror top and edges free of dust and lint; mirror shelf clean and free of spots and streaks or stains.

3. Toilets/Urinals: Toilet bowl clean inside and outside, no stains, streaks or residue; toilet seat clean, free of spots, stains or streaks; plumbing pipe connections to toilet free of lime deposits or green residue and dirt; base of toilet free of dirt, residue and build-up or stains.

4. Showers: Walls clean, free of soil build-up on grout. No soap residue on walls; shower fixtures free of spots and streaks; safety bars free of dust, lint, spots, and streaks.

5. Beds: Headboard, footboard, bed frame, motor control and light cord clean, free of dust, lint, and soil. Wheels and bumpers free of dust and dirt.

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