Jim DeMint’s Sensible Health Care Plan

Senator Jim DeMint states the following on his web site

In many ways, our health care system is broken. Even people satisfied with their own care are nervous about losing it, concerned about rising costs, and frustrated by the failure of government to bring about genuine reform. But the reason Congress has so far been unable to fix our health care problems is that Congress is too busy creating the problems in the first place. That’s why the current proposals emanating from the White House and congressional Democrats won’t work either. Those proposals would hand over the most personal, private undertaking of our lives — health care — to the most impersonal, inefficient, and broken system in our society — the federal bureaucracy.

I for one, am glad to hear there won’t be a vote right away. Something this big, and far reaching, should not be rushed. I know there is so much talk about government lead health care not costing the billions we know it will, but the proof is clear in history. There has been not been any government program that has saved money, and I believe the proof has been they cost significantly more then initially stated.

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