Statistically Successful Objectives

Statistically successful objectives are precursers to, or actual goals, that have a better than average probability to help your personal or professional outcomes. Or simply stated; things you should do to be better off.

An objective is defined excellently by as ’something worked toward or striven for’. When we combine this definition with the acronym SMART (and variations thereof), which is often discussed in the same ‘breath’ as business objectives, we are able to set objectives for any level of an organization which compliment the strategy of the organization (and hence the vision and mission). As a quick reminder here is what SMART means:
•    Specific: The objective must not be too broad and must be defined.
•    Measurable: Self explanatory – you must be able to measure success against the objective.
•    Achievable: It must be possible to achieve the objective.
•    Relevant: The objective must compliment higher objectives and strategy and be relevant to the person/department for whom the objective is being set.
•    Time-based: Don’t leave objectives open-ended. Have a specific date as to then the objective must be met.

I am going to focus on four daily / weekly objectives that my friends over at recently shared with me. I agree with these four because they are simply enough to accomplish, focused enough to produce results, and meet the definition of “SMART”.

  1. Take care of the daily to-do’s.
  2. Invest some time (on average 5-10%) on a regular basis toward future planning and projects.
  3. Invest some time (2-5%) cleaning up old projects or messes.
  4. Finish strong and don’t create new messes that will need to be cleaned up in the future.

If you don’t get frustrated in the short term, over a given period of time you will start to see amazing progress on many levels. Daily consistancy will improve, deadlines will be easier to meet, and future planning will bring amazing results. Of course the usual and customary improvements will follow, such as no weeds in your flowerbeds, your dog won’t bite, flowers will bloom, birds won’t mess on your car… you know what I’m talking about.

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