Problem: Finish is Too Stick or Tacky

Finish is too Sticky or Tacky



Not enough drying time between coats.
Under normal conditions, finishes dry in 20-30 minutes. High humidity extends drying time.

Restorer not properly diluted or applied too frequently.
Follow label instructions. Overuse can leave a sticky residue.

Restorer/maintainer not burnished soon enough after application.
When dry, restorer/maintainer will continue to soften finish if not burnished

Floor not properly rinsed before application of finish.
Thoroughly rinse and neutralize floor after stripping. Use neutral cleaner in proper dilution.

Improper use of disinfectants.
Measure carefully and follow label directions.

Separation of finish.
Finish may have been exposed to prolonged heat or cold. Shake or stir before using.

Alkaline or detergent contaminated tile.
Make sure to rinse floor until pick-up water remains clear. When recoating, make sure no cleaner residue remains on floor – rinse with clean water to prevent problem.

Finish is applied too thick.
Apply thin coats and allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat.

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