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When was the last time you were at your doctors office, or (and I hope not) at a hospital, and it was not as clean as you would expect? Unfortunately with the cleaning being demanding physical labor, it takes a good management team to bring out the best in cleaning results.

As one who believes your healthcare deserves having the cleanest space to be treated in I have worked with hundreds of cleaning staff and I know how to bring out the best. After all, I started in this business as a part time housekeeper and worked my way up the hard way.

The housekeepers of years ago have to know so much more then they use to the job has evolved into Environmental Services. With knowledge in basic microbiology, infection control, regulatory compliance, customer service and so much more needed to do their jobs today these hard working individuals deserve recognition and the best supervisors and managers.

I have written a primer for the successful housekeeping department called Healthcare Cleaning Success.  In this book I break down the essential steps needed for success in easy to understand modules. I wrote this book to help supervisors and managers in environmental services move beyond the ordinary and improve the cleanliness of their facilities.

So why did I ask if you have been to a facility that was not as clean as you expected? You can help by getting this book and giving it to your doctor, or to a hospital that you feel needs some help. I’m sure they would appreciate you caring enough to bring this to their attention. There is link to my book on Amazon on the right side of this page.

You should also ask your caregiver if he or she has washed their hands before treating you. They will appreciate that as well.

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