Diversity and Environmental Services

Our profession is so immensely diverse because of the level of talent and professionalism our members bring to the table. Many years ago, various housekeeping departments were just that–housekeeping–but due to the evolution of health care environmental services managers, we have become multifaceted department managers with responsibilities encompassing a wider array of functions.

With the increased complexity of the job, such as emerging pathogens and potential worldwide outbreaks like avian bird flu, there is demand for professionals who are both experienced and have Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) certifications in health care systems throughout the world. We all need to be ready to step up and take the extra challenge on, view it as an opportunity and allow it to shape us as professionals.

Another impacting grand approach is to ensure you have an active succession-planning program in place for your future environmental champions. This profession has provided a lifelong career to many individuals and provides a clean, safe, healthy and healing environment to the patients we serve every day.

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