General Principles of Cleaning

Scrubbing (frictional cleaning) is the best way to physically remove dirt, debris and

Cleaning is required prior to any disinfection process because dirt, debris and other
materials can decrease the effectiveness of many chemical disinfectants.

Cleaning products should be selected on the basis of their use, efficacy, safety and

Cleaning should always progress from the least soiled areas to the most soiled areas
and from high to low areas, so that the dirtiest areas and debris that fall on the floor
will be cleaned up last.

Dry sweeping, mopping and dusting should be avoided to prevent dust, debris and
microorganisms from getting into the air and landing on clean surfaces. Airborne
fungal spores are especially important as they can cause fatal infections in
immunosuppressed patients.

Mixing (dilution) instructions should be followed when using disinfectants. (Too
much or too little water may reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants.)

Cleaning methods and written cleaning schedules should be based on the type of
surface, amount and type of soil present and the purpose of the area.

Routine cleaning is necessary to maintain a standard of cleanliness. Schedules and
procedures should be consistent and posted.

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