Goals and Major Objectives


I wrote about goals a few days ago and one question I received was “what are your department goals for this year? That is a great question because I make it a practice to write out what I call major objectives for the new year each December. These are sort of mid-range goals, not short term, and not long term. That is why they are objectives. Sometimes they continue for more than one year. No serious rules here, just get some things down on paper you so you can plan the necessary action steps to achieve them.

Here are my four major objectives in 2011

1. To improve Infection control within the medical center

2. To improve environmental services staff knowledge of their role in infection control

3. To monitor the cleanliness of the facility with data driven results

4. Better patient outcomes

There you go. Those are the foundational objectives that I have used to develop a number of goals and an even greater number of action items to achieve them.


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