Always Believe You Are a Leader

I was recently at an event, and I was called to the front of the room to give a testimonial. I told my story, how I went from a front line worker to a Director. I talked about how I became a leader and gave some advice on how others can too.

Immediately after I walked back to my seat, a man approached me and asked,“how can I use the word leader if I don’t know that I am one?”

Here’s my simple answer to that, until you feel and believe that you are a leader and you are going to be successful at your business, it will NEVER work!

My biggest advice to those out there that don’t consider themselves leaders is this:  NEVER LACK CONFIDENCE, ALWAYS BELIEVE YOU ARE A LEADER UNTIL YOU ARE ONE!

Confidence is the number one skill that all leaders possess. I talk to so many people that “pass off’ their responsibilities. This is a guaranteed way to failure.

Learn from the best and then BE the best.

To your success!

John Weir

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