What I Learned this Past Year

1. If you really want to do something, write it down. I have proven this several times.

2. Don’t listen to negative people who think something can’t be done.

3. While you don’t listen to the negative people, try to help them see the positive in life.

4. Budgets are more important each year. See item 1.

5. Exercise is important each day. Don’t fool yourself into thinking three days a week is enough. This is a great stress reducer.

6. Friends should come first, Try to make friends with everyone. See item 3.

7. Having a personal journal really helps with the year end review. See item 1 again.

8. Books and other self education is an investment with guaranteed returns. Better than any stock market.

9. It is ok to try new things.

10. Don’t sweat the small things. Really.

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