Leap Over Killer Phrases

If I asked how many of you have seen a killer phrases poster … or even have one hanging in your office … I’m sure I’d see hands going up all over the world. What I seldom see are the replacements for the killer phrases … the things we can say instead of those old negative chestnuts. The one most of us already know is to replace “Yes, but …” with “Yes, and …” in order to build on ideas. But there are a lot more killer phrases that need replacing. I’ve listed a few and would like to invite you to send us your killer phrase with an appropriate Leap Stimulator.

Please add your killer phrases and leap stimulator replacements in the comments section below.

Killer Phrases and Leap Stimulators
Killer: Yes, but …
Leap Stimulator: Yes, and …

Killer: We tried it last year
Leap Stimulator: What did we learn that could make this try better?

Killer: It’s not in the budget
Leap Stimulator: How could we make it make sense financially?

Killer: It won’t work
Leap Stimulator: How could we make it work?

Killer: Management won’t buy it
Leap Stimulator: What would make management drool for it?

Killer: Let’s do some more research
Leap Stimulator: How could we test it quickly and easily?

Killer: Don’t make mistakes
Leap Stimulator: Let’s try a bunch of things until we find something that works.

Killer: We don’t have the resources
Leap Stimulator: Who could we align with to get the resources we need?

Killer: It’s not for us
Leap Stimulator: What about it *is* for us?

Killer: Be practical!
Leap Stimulator: Let’s think wild and crazy just for a minute.

Killer: I’ll get back to you.
Leap Stimulator: What intrigues you about it right now?

Killer: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
Leap Stimulator: There’s always a better way; let’s find it!

Killer: Don’t fight city hall.
Leap Stimulator: What would make city hall join the parade?

Killer: What will people say?
Leap Stimulator: How could we make people rave about it?

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