Congratulations: You Are a Success, What is Your Next Move

I have been studying behavioral based development strategies used by
individuals who are seeking to establish their legacy and bring their
life and leadership responsibilities into full harmony. Doing so, I
have found it easy to mirror those same strategies in my life. I often
wonder why so many people don’t do this, and remain stagnant, happy to
live mediocre lives, never making a difference in themselves or
others. Is this really going to make someone happy in life?

I remember a man telling me he was happy, his simple life, simple job,
did not want to make any more money, did not want to change anything.
I prompted him with questions like what if you need a new car? Answer:
I like my car, don’t need anything else. What if you want to go
somewhere, like during your next vacation time off? Answer: I don’t
want to go anywhere. I like this town just fine. After a short
conversation along these lines I gave up also. It was painfully
obvious to me that he gave up a long time ago and had no goals or
desires he would admit. That conversation was about three years ago,
and he has not gone back to school, or changed anything about his
life. Practically everything around him has changed, and he is one
decision away from unemployment, with no skills to support him.

It is clear to me, that while I want to grow, learn, stretch beyond my
current abilities, and help anyone I can along the way, not everyone
wants to. I find that sad, but certainly OK with me. If you think the
world will continue to cater to you, while you give nothing in return;
good luck with that. I can’t help anyone who does not want to help

If you want to learn new and exciting things in 2011, then I certainly
am interested in helping you. So I will be changing the direction of
my writing to focus on methods and principles to improve your personal
and business success. Of course I will still write about cleaning, but
I will be writing more about cleaning up your life then cleaning up
your facility.

2010 was a great year. I helped several people grow and move up in
their careers. I watched many more improve greatly beyond their
beliefs that they could, and have taken a lot of notes. While I have
been absent online, I have gathered a wealth of material, I’ve been
testing it, and I’ve seen tremendous results. I am going to be sharing
all this with you here. You will learn how attitudes can be changed,
how to start and grow your own business, how you can turbo boost your
productivity at your current job, and how you can have anything you
want, if you are willing to help others along the way.

So starting today, I want you to tell yourself “I Am A Success!” ask
yourself, “What is My Next Move?” Then begin planning it. Don’t be
afraid, don’t hesitate, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Start today.

Tomorrow we begin to look at three ways people look at failure. Since
the more action we take, the more “failures” we have, looking at this
the right way will remove a stumbling block.

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