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In Environmental Services, we are aware that first impression of our facility is very important to our clients and other staff, so we strive daily to provide a clean, safe and attractive environment. We also ensure that patient rooms are cleaned to the highest level to prevent cross contamination. The hospital, staff and patient depend on us to do our job with excellence.

Cleanliness is a prime concern to every member of our team because a clean environment successfully keeps bacteria and other germs from multiplying on facility surfaces, and this helps prevent a sick person from being at a greater risk from other diseases and conditions.

Yet as important as it is to remove soil and germs from the physical environment, it is also important to keep all areas neat and organized and in good repair. After all, surroundings with a pleasant appearance help to cheer up patients and send the message that their caregivers are concerned about every detail of service. A clean and attractive facility can actually enhance a patient’s ability to receive care and get well again.

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