Seven Ways To Rock Your Mondays

Here are seven *spectacular* ways to make your Monday rock – and I bet they get you off to such a great start the whole week will rock too!

1. Take time to set your mind. A little time in prayer, meditation or just reflecting on all the amazing blessings you have does *marvelous* things for setting your mind and spirit in a great state to start the week.

2. Stretch! Stretching does *great* stuff for body. It promotes blood flow, it works out kinks and aches and it makes you feel more flexible. And really, when we’re more flexible and we feel good our minds are more flexible too!

3. Do a bit of exercise. You bet. Strong bodies help build strong minds. Get those endorphins flowing, build muscle, feel buff.

4. Picture your week. Create the image of the week that you’re starting – and see it all going GREAT! See it just the way it should be. Don’t worry, even if things come up, you’d be amazed at how easily you can adapt those surprises in and help make them part of how great the week is!

5. Make today’s to do list. If you haven’t already done it the night before, do one now. Don’t make it exhaustive and don’t make it for the rest of the month. Today’s list is fine. Then find one thing you can get done straight away and get your first check mark!

6. Smile and say hello to everyone (yes, even "them") that you work with on the way into your desk/office/cube/work station. You’d be surprised at how much starting with a smile will make both their week and yours better!

7. Be *positive*! For real! This is pithy, but true. Look at things with a glass half full – heck – even go 3/4 full! – mentality. Sure, stuff happens, but look at it as an opportunity! Yes, I hear some of you thinking that you’re a "realist" or " too pragmatic" for that. Well, guess what! The most pragmatic thing you can do is to change the reality by going after those opportunities by unleashing your creative mind with a positive outlook for creative solutions with enthusiasm!

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