Cleaning Carts

A properly stocked cleaning cart will help prevent wasted trips to supply closets and should be equipped with any of the following items which are necessary for your work:


Goggles or safety glasses

Microfiber dust mop and wet mop handle with pad holders and buddy jug

Microfiber dust and wet mop heads

Microfiber cleaning towels

Nylon broom and dustpan

Scotch Brite blue power pad scrubbing pads

Toilet bowl mop and caddy

Putty knife

Small detail brush

Assignment checklist and pen

Personalized environmental services calling card “Clean as a whistle”

Wet floor signs

Vacuum cleaner


EPA registered hospital grade cleaner disinfectant: Virex II 256 (#5)

Oxivir TB, ready to use EPA registered hospital grade cleaner disinfectant

Glance glass and multi surface cleaner (#1)

Emerel multi surface crème cleanser

Misty lemon oil furniture and stainless steel polish

Stride neutral cleaner (#18)


Toilet seat covers

Paper towels

Hand soap

Alcohol based hand sanitizer

Large and small trash liners

Disposable non latex gloves (on the cart)


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