Safety Rules for Chemical Use

  1. Never mix chemicals.
  2. Always wear gloves.
  3. Always wear protective eye wear or glasses when pouring chemicals or working overhead.
  4. Always wash your hands after chemical use and before eating.
  5. If a potentially harmful chemical comes in contact with your skin or eyes, flush with water immediately and call your supervisor.
  6. If n doubt about proper use, always ask your lead, supervisor or manager.
  7. Chemicals should always be dispensed in the safest manner possible from a flip top cap. The only exceptions are glass cleaners and deodorizers, which can be dispensed by trigger sprayers.
  8. Any chemical on a cleaning cart or in a storage closet must be labeled with the correct name of the contents in the bottle, the specific hazard warnings, and the target organs affected by exposure to the chemical. In other words, a pre-printed label. Don’t just write the name on a bottle.
  9. For any question concerning makeup or compounds, please refer to the MSDS or your hazard communication manual.

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