Leadership 101

Not everyone wants to be a leader, but I think it is safe to say
everyone wants a leader. And not just any leader, but someone who
inspires, who creates, who energizes. What if you want to be a leader,
and you don’t know how. No problem, just hang around a leader you want
to be like.

By surrounding ourselves with leaders and through a process called
modeling, their leadership has a way of rubbing off on us.

Step one in developing as leaders is to realize your true potential to
lead and inspire others to take action. For some this can be tough due
to self-esteem and deserve issues. So get over it. One of the best
ways I know to combat this is to repeat to your self, “I am the leader
that people are looking for.” Say it over and over again. Write it on
post-it notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror if you have to.
Say or sing it in the shower and as you go through your daily
activities. This is guaranteed to get people looking at you if nothing

Many people rob themselves of the opportunity to become leaders
because they are constantly dwelling on past events. The past is
history and only has the relevance we give it!! So forget about it.
Drop the drama and the self-esteem issues that hold you back and
realize that it serves NO ONE especially your self. Do this and you
will inspire others to take bigger actions by your example. See, you
are already a leader.

Leadership really is the greatest commodity on the planet and REAL
leadership is needed in the world now more than ever. It is extremely
marketable and there will always be a market for it. Companies and
people all over are desperate for real leaders.The one person who can
guide them silently through life.

Life really is one big game of follow the leader. The more you can be
the leader the more successful your life will be. Just remember one
thing, you must learn to follow before you can lead. True leaders are
humble. They lead not for recognition but because they are leaders and
that’s what leaders do!! They give generously. They lead by giving and
offering themselves where they are needed. They are the type of person
others flock to.

So there you go, just follow my directions and see what happens. If
you don’t see results right away, then go here and make this. It will
change your outlook…


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