Improve your relationships with staff

Here are five things that environmental service leaders should do to improve relationships with staff.

Be Visible with Rounding

Rounding should include one-on-one rounds with your staff. Ask what is working well and what they need from you to do a better job.

Appoint a department champion

Identify a department champion who is well respected and works well with other staff. This team member can help with manager meetings and quality inspections. Try to make this a quarterly appointment and have at least one on each shift.

Credit Staff for Success

Frequently show appreciation both privately and publicly. Remember, you can’t overdue praise so get out there and let them know.

Be Transparent

Share and post HCAHPS  and other survey scores. Talk about budget and supply costs. Have an open door policy and share as much as you can. Your staff will appreciate open communication. Some hospitals use a stoplight report to show improvements. Green means completed or meeting goals. Yellow means in-progress and red means it does not line up with goals.

Align Incentives

The annual evaluation is an important tool to get staff back on track. Define their goals with weighted, objective and measurable expected results.


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