School gives symbolic ‘high-five’ to late custodian

I want to share this news story because it really explains a common, recurring situation that occurs when custodian, housekeepers and other service workers really love their jobs and the people they serve. 

MUSKOGEE, OK — Everyone remembers Pete Robbins’ characteristic greeting to the children as they came into the building at the start of the school day, according to the Muskogee Phoenix.

"Every morning he stood at the door and gave every child a high-five, a smile and a ‘good morning’ as they came through that door," said Carolyn Stach, a teacher at Fort Gibson for 43 years.

Robbins died on Sept. 27 at the age of 89, the article noted.

"Pete was the kind of guy who never met a stranger," said Roger Shaw, long-time principal at Fort Gibson School while Robbins worked there.

"He knew every child in school. Every one of them had a nickname," Shaw added.

"Sometimes it is the people who seem to have a small part in our lives that make the biggest impact, and Pete was certainly one of those people," said Cheryl Todd, a 1989 graduate of Fort Gibson High School.

"He would still recognize you 30 years after you were in school. For many of us, he was our parents’ custodian, then ours, then our kids’," Todd stated.

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