Lean Resolutions

Pat Wardwell, COO of the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership suggests ten New Year’s resolutions for Lean leaders. These are great suggestions and most I have been doing regularly.

The summary:
1. Set aside time each week to actively and openly nurture the Lean journey in your organization;
2. Get out of your office and walk the value stream at least once per week;
3. Resolve to use your eyes and ears more than your vocal chords when on the shop floor;
4. Ask 5 different people who work for you "what can be improved" at least once a week;
5. Participate in an improvement project team meeting, training session or kaizen event at least once per month;
6. Ask to be shown an implemented improvement idea from all areas reporting to you at least once per month;
7. Read at least one new Lean article or book a month;
8. Attend a conference, plant tour or participate in a webinar or podcast on Lean topics once per quarter;
9. Vow to visit at least one external customer or supplier each quarter;
10. Develop your own "Manager’s Standardized Work."

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