I Love to Get Up Early

5 practical reasons to get up early everyday:

  • Productivity– Waking early gives us a head start on our goals.  We have the time, the solitude, and the space to think clearly and really get absorbed in our goals.


  • Momentum– Waking early gives us higher level of momentum. If we start the day productive, we will tend to continue the day with that same disposition.


  • Deep Reflection– Waking early provides a quiet and serene environment to gather our focus. It’s the perfect time for some deep reflection and mental relaxation, which is not often possible in our day to day lives. Many days, this is the only truly quiet time I can get. 


  • Breakfast and Exercise– Waking up early makes it possible to devote some time to exercise and a healthy breakfast. Both of which are beneficial for a sound and healthy body. I like to say “Early to bed, early to rise, gives a man time to exercise.” Also exercise first thing before breakfast burns more fat. 


  • Preparation– Waking up early also gives us time to prepare for the day ahead. We can condition both mind and body to the goals we want to accomplish during the day ahead. I like to review my notes that I prepared the day night before to help make a strong start. 

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