Goal Setting Prompts

Questions to help you delineate your goals…


1. “What’s my vision of the future?”

2. “Where do I picture myself three years from today?”

3. “How will others perceive me in the future? My boss, my peers, my family?”

4. “What has to happen in the next two years for me to be happy with my progress?”

5. “What visual image do I have for my team? What visual image do I have for my company?”

6. “How do I want to be perceived by my customers? My employees?”

7. “How would my boss define me in one sentence?”

8. “What excites me most about my job? What do I want to do more of/less of/stop doing altogether, so I can achieve what’s important to me? To my team? To my company?”

9. “Which mountain do I want to climb?”

10. “What’s my definition of success?”

11. “What benchmarks do I need to achieve in order to feel successful?”

12. “What actions do I need to perform on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to achieve my goals?”

13. “What areas of my job should I focus on in order to have the most impact on my staff?”

14. “Where do I need to prioritize to insure my success? My team’s success?”
If your employees goals aren’t aligned with yours, you’ll find yourselves working at cross-purposes.

Think about your own personal and professional goals, then write them down and turn your written words into actions. Once you know what you want, you’ll be better prepared to help your employees figure out what they want, putting all of you on the same page and the fast track to your happy ending of choice.

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