Extreme Leadership

We are currently experiencing economic situations not seen in many years. The times are extreme and uncertain. What does this mean for us in support services departments? Given the current economic environment, we need to develop extreme leadership skills, which means being more, doing more and accepting more. Not only must we be conservative with budgetary issues, but we must utilize the resources we are responsible for in a way that gets the job done and accomplishes what is expected.

Be an extreme leader in these extreme times. Get out of the office, share your knowledge and include your staff and peers in the solutions. In doing this, you will be part of the solution and will show how invaluable your knowledge and skills are to your organization. True leaders rise to the occasion during the most extreme times, so be a positive force in making necessary changes.

Accomplishing the difficult in a positive, optimistic process is a true example of extreme leadership. As part of my practicing extreme leadership I have taken over the safety and security department, the hospital safety officer responsibility and am chair of the environment of care and emergency preparedness committees. I also serve as vice chair of our service excellence council. I do these things because as a leader and advocate for environmental services I am responsible for providing guidance, resources and knowledge. What better way to gain more knowledge and resources to share and to learn as much as I can about the hospitals business beyond the ES department.

Today there is more to environmental services than keeping the environment safe and clean. Success is achieved through a strong commitment to professional development and extreme leadership

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