Operations in a changing environment

I’m wondering how many of us who have been in Healthcare Environmental Services for ten years or more still operate in a similar manner as years past. I love this business for many reasons, and at the forefront the every changing world of healthcare creates the most enjoyment. I look for ways to keep ahead and as I reflect back over the years, today’s operation is so much different then when I started.

Even so, I feel we are coming up to the critical mass point in our operations where we are going to see a massive change in this business. Up to now, we have all been learning to adapt to doing more with less, different cleaning chemicals and processes, competition between the in-house and out-sources operations just to mention a few of the “hard” process aspects. In the “soft” or the human, labor side we have seen many laws to benefit employees, different types of time off opportunities, repetitive stress injuries and a multitude of generational issues that are present in our labor intensive business.

With hospital reimbursements shrinking, expenses expanding, and the probable change in the way health care is delivered coming with the new elected leaders, don’t be satisfied with the status quo. While the daily work must go on, take the time to consider and evaluate new ways to deliver your service. I’m open to sharing and helping anyone to brainstorm and think outside the box.

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